Sublimation Made Simple: Everything You Need to Craft in Full Color

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This book will teach you everything you need to know about sublimation — from what materials you need and what programs you can use to create designs, to how to use “hacks” and solve common issues. Everything you need to know in order to do sublimation projects can be found in this book!

Are you new to sublimation? Have you tried to do a project or two, but really just want to improve your confidence and learn more? Let me tell you about it. Sublimation is a crafting process that allows you to take a detailed, full-color image and apply it to items made of polyester or with sublimation-friendly coatings. You need special ink, paper, and heat sources to sublimate sublimation-specific items called “blanks.” You can find out all about the equipment and supplies, the sublimation process, and more in this book.

Sublimation is an amazing process to add to your crafting. You can create beautiful, detailed, full-color designs that you just can’t do with vinyl. Want to create vividly colorful personalized matching tote bags for a family vacation to the beach? Interested in creating colorful ornaments to decorate a Christmas tree? Thinking about making yourself a personalized tumbler decorated with images of your pets? With sublimation, you can!

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Andi SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Wow! Insightful and very helpful tool for crafting sublimation.

Lorriane SVG verified by SHOP
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Love it just perfect for beginners and as a go to ref guide

John SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Love it

Kimmie B.
United States United States

Sublimation made simple reply

I’ve been reading this book. I’m halfway through it. I found out I needed a different printer, which I did get this past week. I was glad to hear, “I really needed to practice on smaller items instead of the costly ones. Plus reading makes me realize I needed to do a little bit more work rather than just jumping into the project. Jennifer is teaching me to practice taking notes on what works and what doesn’t. I’m lazy and like “ALL” the short cuts and jump into a project! I’m finding out I need to slow down and learn to depend on what I know, not just what a video knows or the sheet of paper showing me how to do it. She learned me independently and how to do a variety crafting that’s out of my comfort zone.

Laurinda W.
Canada Canada

Sublimation Made Simple

I haven't finished reading the whole book but I love what I have read so far. Thank your for all your wisdom.