CRICUT COLLEGE: Design to Shine - Silver Tier

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Enroll in the Silver Tier of DESIGN TO SHINE in CRICUT COLLEGE with JenniferMaker.

Learn how to do all the things in Cricut Design Space and make amazing things you can display, share, and sell!

Do you spend too much time spinning your wheels, trying to understand how to do things in Cricut Design Space? Do you have to compromise on what you want just to get something done? Or, worse yet, do you refuse to settle and never finish that project?

What if, instead, you could design and make whatever you wanted in Cricut Design Space, whenever you wanted?

Imagine how it will feel to finally make precisely what you envision, just the way you want, without compromise. Imagine having the know-how to impress everyone, even yourself, with what you can create. Imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey as you... all committed to making beautiful things that they can display, gift to others, and even sell.

Jennifer Maker


Like you, I got my first Cricut cutting machine to help me make things easier. I fell in love with it and since then, I've been teaching crafters how to use Cricut Design Space for more than four years. And like you, I rely on Design Space to create things quickly and smoothly, so I can teach others how to make the hundreds of projects I've designed. I know all the tools and tricks to make Cricut Design Space sing for me whenever and wherever, enabling me to reach millions of viewers every week on my channel, blog, and academy. My ability to use Cricut Design Space easily and quickly has opened every door (and window!) for me, and every day I am amazed and grateful.


Join me for a special series of in-depth online Cricut classes that will get you on your feet and running with all of your amazing ideas, from concept to design to finished project, STEP BY STEP!

This is an unofficial educational program that is not associated Cricut or Provo Craft. Cricut and Cricut Design Space are registered trademarks of Provo Craft. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

PLEASE NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for your welcome letter and course access to arrive via email. If you need access quicker, please enroll here instead.


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