CUT ABOVE SVG Design Binder: Learn how to design your own SVG cut files you can share and sell

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Do you spend too much time searching for just the right design or cut file for your project? Do you have to compromise on what you want just to make something. Or, worse yet, do you refuse to settle and never finish that project?

What if, instead, you could design whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted?

Imagine how it will feel to finally make precisely what you envision, just the way you want, without compromise. Imagine having the know-how to impress everyone, even yourself, with what you can create. Imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey as you... all committed to designing beautiful things that they can upload, share with others, and even sell.  

I cracked the code on creating SVG cut files to make gorgeous projects that have been shared over a million times. My files even got the attention of a book publisher, who just two months after I learned to do this, offered me a book deal. My crafting projects, my blog, and my entire life, have been forever changed by my ability to design SVG cut files. 


This SVG Design Binder contains all of the CUT ABOVE course unit workbooks -- plus some extra pages like the printable stickers, project supplies list, and design terms -- in one file! It's 214 pages and 25 MB, so it's pretty substantial. And it's completely updated for 2023!

Here are the table of contents for this amazing binder:

  • Why Design Your Own SVG Cut Files?
  • Binder Stickers
  • Design Terms
  • Project Supplies
  • The Joy of SVGs: Finding, Uploading, and Using Cut Files
  • What is an SVG Cut File and Where to Find Them
  • How to Upload a SVG Cut File
  • How to Modify and Customize an SVG Cut File
  • Unit 1: GET CUT OUT FOR IT — Installing Illustration Software
  • 1.1 Choose the Best Illustration Software For You
  • 1.2a How to Install Inkscape on Windows
  • 1.2b How to Install Adobe Illustrator on Windows
  • 1.2c How to Install Inkscape on Mac OS
  • 1.2d How to Install Adobe Illustrator on Mac OS
  • 1.3 Basic Functions and Tools in Inkscape and Illustrator
  • Unit 2: MAKE THE CUT — Creating Your First Design
  • 2.1 You’re On a Vector!
  • 2.2 Creating a New Document
  • 2.3 Rulers and Guides
  • 2.4 How to Make Basic Shapes
  • 2.5 Resizing and Scaling Projects
  • Unit 3: CUT A FINE FIGURE — A Complex Object
  • 3.1 Discover the Real Power of Vector Illustration Software
  • 3.2 How to Make Lines with the Pen Tool
  • 3.3 How to Modify Lines
  • 3.4 How to Properly Copy and Duplicate Objects
  • 3.5 How to Clean Up Your Files
  • Unit 4: CUT ALONG — Tracing an Image
  • 4.1 Your Secret Weapon: How to Auto Trace
  • 4.2 Making Score Lines
  • 4.3 How to Design Simple Pop-Ups
  • Unit 5: CUTTING REMARKS — Creating and Manipulating Text
  • 5.1 A Little Text Education
  • 5.2 How to Create Text and Make Paths
  • 5.3 How to Create Curved Text and Other Shapes
  • 5.4 How to Change Font, Family, Style, Size, and Color
  • Unit 6: CUT A BREAK — Combining Objects
  • 6.1 The Solution is Unification!
  • 6.2 How to Use the Path/Pathfinder Tools
  • 6.3 Breaking and Modifying Compound Paths
  • 6.4 Designing with Negative Space
  • Unit 7: MAKE THE FINAL CUT — Grouping and Layering Your Projects
  • 7.1 Groups and How to Use Them
  • 7.2 Creating and Understanding Layers
  • 7.3 Aligning and Distributing Objects
  • 7.4 Cloning Your Way to Greatness
  • Unit 8: CUT LOOSE — Saving and Sharing Your Designs
  • 8.1 Should You Share Your Files?
  • 8.2 Preparing and Testing Your Files for Sharing
  • 8.3 Creating a License For Your Designs
  • 8.4 Packaging Your Work for Distribution
  • Print Release Form

All pages are clear and well-illustrated, designed by bestselling author and award-winning graphic designer Jennifer Maker.

SPECIAL BONUS: If you purchase this binder, you will receive a special coupon good for $47 off the price of the full CUT ABOVE SVG Design Course with 50+ videos, hands-on projects, and exclusive access to our Lab designers group, so you can enroll the next time the course opens!

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julie n.
United States United States

didn't purchase!!

I didn't purchase this, hope I wasn't charged!!

Tonisha P.
United States United States

Cut above

I really love the book but I had a hard time with both systems being side by side.

Catherine M.
United States United States

I have purchased all 4 of her books

Very informative and love the step by step instructions!!! So glad I invested into your books, Thank you very much!

Helen J.
United States

Cut Above binder and course

I purchased the binder then I purchased the course. Both have been a game changer for me. Jennifer is a great teacher and is easy to follow and learn from. She keeps it real and is always there for you if you have any questions or problems. Well worth getting!

cheryl C.
United States


Jennifer Maker is the Goddess of teaching me how to use my cricut!! She has taught me so much on how to use my cricut with patience and love!! She was born to teach and she does it a way you can easily understand!!